DM&A provide instruction in the form of Short Courses, Workshops and Seminars. Our experience at these activities is reinforced by our academic background, at the University of Victoria. For more information about these services, please contact DEWEY McMILLIN & ASSOCIATES LTD (see our Profile page for address information or use the E-mail option offered on most pages).

Detail from poster announcing a DM&A Short Course. Topics included: The nature and physical properties of shock and blast waves; the scaling laws; modes of shock reflection (RR, SMR, CMR and DMR); height-of-burst (HOB) blast effects; precursors and perturbations; far field and high altitude effects; free-air, surface and elevated bursts; drag loading and overpressure effects on structures; the dynamic response of structures; damage criteria in the pressure-impulse plane; damage and injury databases and hazard estimation; response planning; numerical simulation methods; measurement techniques, including electronic and passive gauges and high speed photography, and particle tracers.

square3.gif (823 bytes) DM&A Workshops include hands-on experience with expert system software, both AirBlast and EBlast, in addition to basic theory. A participation certificate and other materials are provided at the completion of a Short Course/Workshop.