Photogrammetry means 'making measurements using photography'. DM&A have developed numerous high-speed photogrammetric techniques to measure the properties blast waves in air, and software that calculates three-dimensional positions from measurements made in two-dimensional film images of moving smoke trails and shock fronts, and solid objects such as target fragments.

photser.jpg (11962 bytes)
The detonation of 20 tons of an experimental high explosive raised above the desert floor.  A camera and three red hourglass reference photomarkers are seen in the lower half of the picture. The black smoke trail on the right is 80 feet tall and is not moving yet. The shocks are more easily seen in a zoomed detail view.

square3.gif (823 bytes) DM&A's collection of in-house software for photogrammetric transformations can be applied to any photographic record, not only to films of explosions. If you have any photogrammetric needs, please contact us.