So far we have only examined one physical property, hydrostatic overpressure. Other properties may be selected from from the Data Type submenu:

abmenus2.jpg (33994 bytes)
Data Type submenu. A total of 20 different options are offered. 'Damage and Injury' is also available to licensed users of EBlast.

Complete Local Data is the data type selected above, the complete physical description of the blast wave at user-specified distances. Note that, in this case, Format and Normalize on the Data menu are not available (are greyed out). This is because Complete Local Data is reported in its own, unique format and in both absolute and normalized units.

If we select Complete Local Data and enter position 100,  we get the following display:

ablist2.jpg (95285 bytes)
Complete Local Data 'report' at 100 m from a 2000 kg ANFO surface burst. Time of shock front arrival is 192 ms, peak static overpressure ratio, 0.2056 atm. Scrolling to the bottom of the display provides the following additional information: Static overpressure impulse 3.949 atm-ms, and Flow data are available for 65.657 ms. The user is given the option of requesting data at additional times, up to 65.657 ms after the time of shock front arrival, well into the negative phase.

Next, we'll re-examine static overpressures in Time History and Wave Profile formats.

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