Vehicle bomb options: The user can identify a vehicle by selecting from an extensive list the year, make and model, or, more quickly, choose one of several 'generic' vehicles. In all cases, the user can click either the labeled button or the illustration on its left. The amount of explosive in the selected vehicle need not be known exactly.

Selecting 'Full size sedan', for example, brings up the following screen:

Weight of explosive: The default weight of explosive is 1000 lbs for a 'Full size sedan' (453.6 kg). This is the weight of explosive assumed for this generic vehicle type by the US Dept of the Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). The EBlast user can enter any other amount in lbs or kg, or simply press 'OK' to accept the ATF value.

Click 'Next' below to 'select OK' above, for 1000 lbs of explosive.

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